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The Dream Tide

   "The Dream Tide does something unexpected and enthralling as it slides effortlessly between the heightened reality    of a supernatural mystery and the honest tension of character driven suspense. Nate is the kind of character who is    sympathetic without seeking that designation. The gift that has textured his life since a young age could have led the    writer to paint a story that is overly reliant on it, but Schlefstein never allows that to happen. Instead he ranges about    with characters who challenge Nate, and situations that test him not just as one with a 'power', but as a truly defined    person. There are no caricatures or easy ways out in this expertly told tale." ~~ Ryne Douglas Pearson, Author of    Cloudburst, Capital Punishment, October's Ghost, Thunder One, Top Ten, Simple Simon, Mercury Rising with Bruce    Willis, and Knowing with Nicholas Cage.

   “This book would make a terrific movie.”  -- Sierra Booster

    “Finished the book, super awesome read!!! Very gripping, couldn't put it down.”-- Tania Penn Hernandez

    “Just finished the book. That was really good. I liked that it wasn't predictable.” – Todd Muhlenberg

    “I couldn’t put it down! I had to be up at 5:30am the next morning, but at 12:30am I was hopelessly addicted to the     story and couldn’t stop turning the pages!  I cried a couple of times while reading, and at the end!”  -- Camie Brandon

    “It was really good!  I liked Sam Longrifle the best out of all the characters.” – Stacey Hood

    “The Dream Tide is a wonderful story with great characters!” – TC McMullen

    “This book is a hit!  What a great story!  I really liked Wayne Marshal and I cried at the end.” – Mary Helen Geiger

    “I read the first three chapters on your website and it was amazing!” – Shawna Graves

    “People got mad at me because I kept sneaking away to read the book, but I couldn’t help it!” – Christie Brown

    “Really awesome read!  Scott is a very talented writer and I love the setting!  I bought two more books to give to     friends and they loved it too!” – Tom Marois

    “Fabulous story!  I read the book in one day because I couldn’t put it down.” – A. Carter

    “I really enjoyed the book. Very gripping story that kept me reading and thinking about what was coming next. Very     well described characters really draw you into the story.  I gave the book to my mother and she called me the next day     asking when his next book was coming out.” – Bill Price

    “I love your book, I think you are going to be a writer and make lots of money. I read a lot and this book is so hard to     put down, I like Vince Flynn and have read all of James Patterson, Ken Follet and many others. This book would make     a great movie.” – Pat Hudson

    “ Very well written! It takes talent to grab the reader and bring them into the story where they are seeing, smelling,     and living the story. It was a little violent but perfectly acceptable for the scene. It's incredible how you were able to get     the reader into Zane's head. Wow! Very good story, I really enjoyed it!” – Amy Holland

    “I read a lot and rarely do I recommend, with such enthusiasm, a book to my friends and family.  They have to read     this book!  This is now one of my favorites and I will read it again for sure!” – Darla Simar


Dream Tide Cover