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Welcome to author Scott A. Schlefstein's world of The Dream Tide, a supernatural thriller released February 2010! Scott arrived on the book-writing scene with imaginative storytelling and mesmerizing fiction intertwined by wonderfully developed characters. We invite you to pull up a comfortable chair and explore an adventurous journey into the dark dreams and ghostly visits within the writings of Author Scott A. Schlefstein.


A unique story of one man’s supernatural dreaming ability, his family’s pursuit for survival, and his own personal redemption when tragedy leaves them stranded in the Black Rock desert with a murderer. As a teenager, Nate Abbot first became aware of his unique dreaming gift. By the time he was married with children he was plagued by nightmares and supernatural visits from someone in the past. A former cop and private investigator, he faces a huge crisis while on vacation away from a current dead end kidnapping case. In a fateful and bizarre twist, a catastrophe brings the case to the Black Rock desert, threatening the lives of his family. Will Nate’s unique dreaming ability save them and will Nate’s descent into a personal hell finally release him from the torment of a death he witnessed so long ago?

WHERE: Loyalton, Sparks Nevada and Truckee

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"The Dream Tide does something unexpected and enthralling as it slides effortlessly between the heightened reality of a supernatural mystery and the honest tension of character driven suspense. Nate is the kind of character who is sympathetic without seeking that designation. The gift that has textured his life since a young age could have led the writer to paint a story that is overly reliant on it, but Schlefstein never allows that to happen. Instead he ranges about with characters who challenge Nate, and situations that test him not just as one with a 'power', but as a truly defined person. There are no caricatures or easy ways out in this expertly told tale." ~~ Ryne Douglas Pearson, Author of Cloudburst, Capital Punishment, October's Ghost, Thunder One, Top Ten, Simple Simon, Mercury Rising with Bruce Willis, and Knowing with Nicholas Cage. more reviews

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