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Dreamtide CoverThe Dream Tide
Scott Schlefstein
Supernatural Thriller
ISBN 978-0-9850629-0-3
356 pages

The famed psychic Sylvia Brown has nothing on Schlefstein’s Nate Abbot, a former cop turned private investigator.Nate’s supernatural dreams plague him, especially when tragedy looms for his own friends and family. He longs for a way of escape­a personal redemption­that would end the dreams, which began when he was a teenager. He’s also tormented by his current case of a missing girl.

The pinnacle comes when his open case follows him on vacation. A strange twist of natural disasters strands his family and friends in the desert and puts all their lives at risk. Tormented by a death from long ago, he struggles to decode his dreams and ensure the survival of all his loved ones.
Dream Tide features a collection of modern cowboys on motorcycles, a heroic family dog, gunfights and surrealistic natural disasters, all adding up to Nate Abbot discovering that his world has changed forever. A real cliff-hanger not to be missed!

April TBA - Loyalton Elementary School 
Book Signing

Donating a portion of each sale to the Grizzly Cub Parents Club (big annual Science Fair) for school supplies and field trips for teachers and students. Be there and help out the kiddos!

Loyalton Library TBA

Sierra County Public Library

Book Signing 

Information on the event will be forthcoming!

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