About Scott

Born in the autumn of 1969, Scott grew up around the Los Angeles area and went to high school in nearby Simi Valley. The Dream Tide is Scott’s first novel and it takes the reader for a ride in survival, clairvoyant abilities and dreaming, mixed with the serious side of detective subject matter.

“The real-life stories and characters I’ve encountered through my professional and personal experiences, has driven my fiction writing and gives me the frame of reference to put it all together.” 

Scott has always been interested in the supernatural: “When I was a teenager, I had a few profound experiences which I used in my book.  The scene where Libby sleepwalks to Nate while they share a dream is based on a true story.” 

Living in a small town near Lake Tahoe California, Scott is married and has two children. He enjoys riding/racing his motorcycle, camping in the high desert, and spending time with his family. Scott is a former deputy sheriff and firefighter who ran his own legal support business for 14 years. He is also the author of an excellent PursuitMagazine article Toilet Woman. Currently, he works as a writer and serves as an elected Sierra County Supervisor. Read more..The Dream TIde Article in PursuitMag!


Writing the Dream Tide

A s I began work on The Dream Tide in 2007, it became apparent to me and those who read my manuscript, that this was no ordinary story. Most stories about private detectives focus on a particular crime and the entire plot, commonly solves a mystery through a simplistic progression of obtaining facts or evidence. I take this into consideration - not with overly colorful frosting, or cat and mouse, but with meaning behind the dreams, bizarre coincidences, an assemblance of reality, brutal survival, personal pain, and what is learned from it. And I make a connection between a spirit and the main character which spans years before in life and years later in death.



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